Tropica is a relatively young, fast growing vegetable seeds company with passion for breeding and commitment to serve grower’s seed needs the world over.  We are research driven, quality conscious and service oriented. 


Research & Development

Research holds an important position at Tropica and we invest substantial percentage of our turn over towards research and development of new and competitive products.  Our unique fast track research program reacts to changing grower needs to develop a steady pipe line of new products.  Tropica has developed a large germ-plasm base through constant selection for key traits of commercial value which is constantly deployed by our breeders to develop new value added products.  Access to trials stations in various agro-climatic conditions allows breeders and scientists at Tropica to develop products suitable for global markets. 

With ever growing population, agriculture is under unprecedented pressure to produce more per each unit of land under adverse conditions.  This pressure is augmented with reduction in arable land, potable water, climatic change and new pests and diseases plaguing crops.  However, we at Tropica believe that diversity in nature holds the secret to solve present problems of productivity through developing high yielding hybrid varieties that are resistant / tolerant to various pests, diseases and physiological stress factors.  Apart from conventional plant breeding techniques, our breeders and scientists use advanced tools such as marker assisted breeding to develop hybrids with specific commercially important traits and nutritive value. 

Success of our breeding programs can be attributed to our objectives of developing products that are easy to produce and well accepted by end consumers due to strong value proposition built into each product.     


Supply chain

Seed production

Tropica selects specific locations where climatological conditions are most favourable for seed productions.  Quality seeds are produced with a network of trained seed growers across as well as in our own facilities.  Seed production is closely monitored by a technically trained staff to ensure reliable supplies of high quality.  During the growing seasons, our qualified agronomists hold regular field meetings with our network of seed growers to discuss and implement best recommended farming practices to ensure maximisation of yield and quality.  Constant analysis of productions allows us to improve production practices specific for each species / product.

Processing, QA and Packing

Raw seeds are received at our processing facility in Bagalur, India, where seeds go through several processes of grading, seed enhancement and treatment.  Seeds are then tested for quality parameters and seed health.  Quality approved seeds are packed as per market specifications and shipped to our distributors across the world.


Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing activities are instrumental to the overall success of our organisation.  Once a product has been identified from our research pipeline for commercial use, the product development team diligently works at the field level to raise awareness of the new hybrid amongst growers and consumers.  In its domestic market, Tropica has a full-fledged sales team with a distribution channel set across the country.  The sales and marketing team works closely with growers in providing technical details and guidance on how to grow our products successfully. 

In overseas markets, a close working relationship is maintained with growers through our partners who understand needs specific to each local market and culture.  Not only technical advice is delivered to the end users of our products, but also their ever-changing requirements and expectations are constantly analysed and communicated to our research team to develop products for the future.

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